William Davis

William (Bill) Davis •Funeralwise Senior Preplanning Specialist •More that 25 years helping people preplan their final arrangements •Dedicated to helping people avoid unexpected end-of-life difficulties

Mission Statement
Provide, at no charge, the necessary resources and support to local congregations so that they can
better assist their families remove the significant emotional, financial, and legal burdens associated with
the death of a loved one though a suite of practical and effective pre-planning tools and resources.
Services Provided
Funeral and Final Arrangements
 Explanation of the emotional, financial, and legal benefits of pre-planning
 Assistance with identifying the Information required to plan and organize a funeral service
 Funeral service selection assistance – (disposition options and ceremony options)
 Funeral home selection and assistance
 Funeral Merchandise selection assistance
 Funeral Planning Guides and Resources
 Free Funeral Recordkeeping system (The WisePlanner and Funeralwise.com)
 Personal assistance with all aspects of funeral pre-planning
Funeral Costs
 Current Funeral Costs for your local market
 Funeral Cost Reduction Strategies
 Funeral Funding Options – Which option is best for you?
 Personal assistance with identifying and securing the appropriate form of funeral funding
Legal Documents
 Explanation of the purpose and benefit of a Last Will and Testament
 Explanation of the purpose and benefit of an Advance Healthcare Directive
 Free Last Will and Testament and Advance Healthcare Directive for all church members
Government Death Benefits
 Explanation of VA Veteran Death Benefits
 Explanations of VA Death Benefit qualifications and services
 Assistance with securing lost military records required for VA Death Benefits qualification
 Explanation of the Social Security Death Benefit
 Who qualifies for the Social Security Death Benefit?
Funeralwise Legacy Program provided by FEPSA
 Explanation of the free FEPSA SAGE Tuition program
 FEPSA Church Endowment Program


Funeralwise Support Team
 Access to personalized church account at Funeralwise.com
 Funeralwise Liaison training program for designated church representative(s)
 Dedicated Funeralwise Pre-Planning Specialist Assigned to each congregation
 Funeralwise Legal Document Support team to assist with legal documents
 Funeralwise Program Introduction Event for each congregation
 Annual Pre-Planning Campaign assistance and support
Why are we offering these services at no charge to the Christian community?
The Funeralwise Pre-Planning Ministry Program is being offered at no charge to local congregations
nationwide as our company’s way of supporting communities of faith. If we were mechanics, we would
probably offer some sort of automotive repair program. But we are not mechanics. We are experts in
the funeral home, cemetery and funeral funding industries. This program is our way to give back and
help support local congregations and communities of faith. It is a ministry extension of our professional,
secular careers.
The Funeralwise Pre-Planning Ministry Program is led by Bill Davis, a former pastor/church planter and
head of the Funeralwise pre-need division. Bill brings to this program his knowledge and expertise in the
pre-arranged funeral industry along with a pastor’s heart for God’s people. He understands the great
care and diligence that must take place before exposing a congregation to an outside entity. He also
understands the burdens placed on families, congregations, and church leadership when a family within
the congregation experiences a death that was unprepared for.
The Funeralwise Pre-Planning Ministry Program was created with these concerns in mind. We are
independent and have no funeral home affiliation which allows us to work with any funeral home the
individual prefers. This prevents the church from inadvertently alienating any local funeral home by
promoting one funeral home over another. Members can use any funeral home they choose.
Our independence also allows us to provide unbiased recommendations on funeral funding options,
whether it be a pre-need funeral trust, burial insurance, or annuity. This independence allows us to
recommend funding options that best fit your church member’s specific needs and situation. The
Funeralwise staff firmly believes that addressing an individual’s “death expenses” should never interfere
with their ability to meet their “living expenses”. All funding recommendations are made with this
principle in mind.
Our partnership with the non-profit Final Expense Planning Specialist Association (FEPSA) allows us the
ability to provide at no charge to your congregation Last Will and Testaments, Living Wills, and Advance
Healthcare Directives to address difficult end of life legal issues many families face. It is this partnership
with FEPSA that also allows us to also offer our Funeralwise Legacy Program to include both the SAGE
Scholarship Program and the Church Endowment Program.
How do we make our money?
Funeralwise is a national funeral pre-need company. Most of our planning specialists work as
independent preneed specialists, while others work with specific local funeral homes. As a company,
Funeralwise generates its revenue through our online store, along with compensation from the various
insurance companies and funeral homes our clients choose to utilize for their final arrangements. The


success of this part of our business allows Funeralwise the ability to offer our Funeralwise Pre-Planning
Ministry Program at no cost to participating congregations.
It is important to recognize that although Funeralwise does not charge for the services and assistance
provided under the Funeralwise Pre-Planning Ministry Program, this is not the case with specific service
providers an individual may choose to utilize. The funeral home and/or funeral funding company the
client selects will charge for the products and services they provide. We are here to help simplify the
process and provide unbiased, easy to understand guidance and assistance to the members of your
congregation. In doing so it is our hope that those in your congregation will see the benefits of pre-
planning and removing the burdens associated with their death from those they love the most, allowing
them to properly grieve and celebrate the life of the ones they loved.